Banking Financial Services & Insurance

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is anticipated to grow dramatically in India due to progressive economy, expanding distribution, and growing customer consciousness of the financial products. It is held that the launch of digital products/ services, robotics, automation, and mobile technologies will continue to drive growth, innovation, and optimization in the sector. The industry has been observing brave reforms that take it to the list of the most preferred industry for India’s economic progress and inclusive growth.

With regards to a study of the fundamental shift in the geographical demographics, India is expected to become the 3rd largest domestic Banking sector by 2050. Merger, as well as the surfacing of new banks and other financial institutions, is happening at a much faster rate. Retail, corporate, transaction or investment banking, capital market, NBFCs, insurance or wealth management firms are all going digital and viewing reconstruction of operations and new engagement models. According to a leading media report, by 2022, 15-20% of Indian human resource in the BFSI sector would be employed in new jobs that do not exist today.

Our highly experienced team at Hiremount has been a significant partner to major institutions and Indian Business Houses in the BFSI sector in our quest for modification by assisting in decision-making through Talent Advisory and identifying the ultimate talent for business-oriented roles.

Our consultative approach at Hiremount and the potential to bring in the harmony between skills, proficiency, and cultural fit is helping companies build their leadership in the BFSI industry.

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